A downloadable simulator for Windows


Nathan F. Grinzinger (fitzbuster)  
Michael Rieger

From when you were a child on, you always wanted to become an astronaut. To discover unknown worlds. To risk your life for the sake of science. To pilot your spacecraft through the depths of the eternal vacuum that we call "The Universe". Well now you can! 

The Hyper-Realistic Spaceship Simulator, or HRSS, allows you to train for highly important astronaut missions, including vital tasks such as "propelling your spaceship forward" and "trying not to hit planets and asteroids".

Find the fastest route to the goal planet, avoid obstacles, and try to beat your friends' highscores!

Gameplay Instructions

Press SPACE to boost!
Double-tap SPACE to switch direction!


Hyper-Realistic Spaceship Simulator 164 MB


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Good concept, the game is beautiful but the gameplay needs a bit of  polishing 

Thank you for your feedback! Are there any specifics that you think are lacking in the gameplay?

I would make the rocket spin a bit slower . But it is just my opinion

We'll keep it in mind, cheers!